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The first Amputees Complex Facility

The life of Amputees in Uganda is totally at risk thus it’s with such enthusiasm that Amputee self Help Network Uganda (ASNU)
Ltd the first and ever Amputees Support Organization wishes to establish the first Amputees Complex Facility that will have a Rehabilitation Complex, Skilling  Centre, Sports Facilities for Amputees.

  • To provide Amputee rehabilitation services to war survivors and Personswith Disability (PWDs) such as surgeries, operations,
  • To be at the centre of producing Para-Olympians in Uganda through establishing a sports activities facility for war survivors and PWDs.
  • To provide a center of Psycho-social and Mental Health through counseling services to new amputees on how to start a new live in our peer support groups.
  • To establish a skilling center to the Amputated in view of acquisition of vocational skills.
  • To provide affordable Assistive Technology and prosthetic services like Hearing aids, wheelchairs, communication aids, spectacles, prostheses, pill organizers memory aids, walking crutches, White chairs.
  • To engage in awareness campaigns for the needs and rights of amputees and hold clinics and home visits.
  • Help retrain and refer fellow amputees for jobs and employment opportunities both local and international. This will lead to the promotion and advocating for participation of amputees in all aspects of life.

The proposed amputees’ Complex Facility will be subdivided in three section
that among others are; –

1. Rehabilitation Service Centre;

This the main section of the entire Complex Facility that will be in a set
up of the best Amputee Regional Hospital in Uganda and will be
composed with the following;

  •  Operation Theatre
  •  Diagnostic Unit
  •  Recovery Unit
  •  Counselling Unit
  •  Conference Hall
  •  Meeting Rooms
  •  Administrative Offices
  •  Orthopedic Workshop

2. Amputee Skilling Centre

This section will consist of a training sub-facility for the empowering and skilling of those War Survivors and Persons with Disabilities that may be totally inconvenienced to resume to their former professions. The aim of this center is to equip recovered Amputees with income generation new skills to empower them to be independent financially.
The Amputee Skilling Centre will focus on the following skilling categories;

  •  Smart Farming and Entrepreneurship
  •  Computer Trainings and Software Engineering
  •  Home Economics, Catering Services, Baking and Confectionary
  •  New Language translation
  •  Art and Craft
  •  Welding, Carpentry and Joinery
  •  Small Scale Manufacturing (Candles, Soap and others)
  •  Brick Laying and Draughtsman Training.
  •  Among others;

3. Sports Facility for PWDs

This sub-facility is key in the mental recovery of amputees and the fundamental objective of its establishment is to produce the first in its kind; the Paralympians in Uganda which has never existed before. The facility will be strictly to train PWDs to participate in Regional, National and World-Wide Sports events with the most notable one of Olympics,
IAAF Diamond League, World Para Athletics Championships among others.

Below are the sports activities that we intend to promote with PWDs;

  •  Track and Field Sports activities (Triple Jump, High Jump, Long
    Jump, shot put, Javelin, Discus, Hammer, Relay, Road running,
    Cross Country, Racewalking among others)
  •  Wheel chair Basket Ball
  • Swimming
  •  All indoor Games (Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis)
  •  Amputee Football
  •  Gym and Health Club Unit
  • War Victim Rehabilitation and reskilling them for a better new restart in life.
  • Empowerment of War Survivors and Persons with disabilities to reintegrate within their communities.
  • Provision of income generating skills to war Survivors and Persons with disabilities in order have financial independence.
  • Produce Paralympians to represent the country in Olympics, IAAF Diamond League, World Para Athletics Championships among others and also better their lives financially through talent.
  • Provision of affordable Orthopedic Surgery services especially to the vulnerable persons.
  • Building of self-Esteem amongst the Amputated and also ensure provision of mental health to War Survivors and PWDs so that they can fuse into society and leave a normal life like any other person
  • Cost Sharing between the facility and the victims.
  • Government Support through relevant programs for War Survivors
    and PWDs.
  • Donor Support.
  • Incomes from Amputee Sports Activities and Businesses.