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Who We Are

Who We Are

Amputee self Help Network Uganda (ASNU)  is a non-profitable, non-political and non-government organization that was registered with the Uganda Registration Bureau on the 04 th July 2019 under Registration No. 80020001951279 to provide a holistic home to those physically and mentally challenged by being amputated either by human made indiscriminate weapon like Landmines and Cluster Munitions, healthy complications like cancer and diabetes or by the Traumatic traffic road accidents. All the founder members

Amputee self Help Network Uganda (ASNU)  are amputees who have lived the experience through different circumstances, and with such experiences they are keen to help others in the same predicament.

Amputee self Help Network Uganda (ASNU)  is a unique charitable organization that is the first of its kind in Uganda in Particular and in the Great
Lakes Region at large, that not only assists amputees in developing self-confidence to fit in a challenging society but also gives new amputees the best start of their new life through Peer and Psychosocial support groups, sport activities psycho-social support that builds self-esteem amongst those that are
torn emotionally and physically. Amputee self Help Network Uganda (ASNU)  of assists Ugandan amputees with many of their support needs and providing information that will be relevant to starting a new life as an amputee in a challenging society which include Amputee benefits and opportunities
information, legal information, prosthetic centre advice and information, education and retraining and much more.

Amputee self Help Network Uganda (ASNU) is a member of International Confederation of Amputee Associations (IC2A) a non-profit organization
registered and based in Belgium and also a member of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines and Cluster Munition Coalition (ICBL-CMC)
based in Geneva, Switzerland. Amputee self Help Network Uganda (ASNU)  looks forward to develop a world-wide network to ensure full exposure of the needs of Amputees not only in Uganda but also world-wide so that thei voices reach their rescue zones.


To be a shelter for Amputees in a stormy society.


To rehabilitate amputees in Uganda holistically using lived experience as the foundation for quality physical and emotional rehabilitation and to strengthen social connection.

Problem Statement Review

Problem Statement Review

Below is the problem analysis in relation to the life of Amputees in Uganda;
  • Since the 60s upon the receipt of independence in Uganda, the country has been involved in Civil wars with the notably of Kony war in Northern Uganda that left men and woman hand capped with permanent disabilities plus mental trauma. There is an accumulation of war survivors of which some are PWDs as a result of indiscriminate weapon like Landmines and Cluster Munitions
  • Furthermore, Uganda has experienced a significant influx of refugees notably from neighboring countries. All refugee camps in Uganda have high numbers of War Survivors with some being amputated.
  • Road traffic Accidents have claimed the lives of many Ugandans and those who survive end up being amputated and more to this are the medically developed disabilities that come as a result of Diabetes, Cancer and other diseases.

With such mentioned controllable and non-controllable factors that are responsible for daily increase of the numbers of amputees in Uganda, it is noted that in the all of the country, there is no rehabilitation centre for Amputees that can accommodate them. There is no facility equipped to be a place of reconstruction of torn mental health of a victim, there is no facility to provide holistic services to War Survivors and Persons who have developed disabilities besides the immediate treatment that can be received from hospitals. Its also on record that there are no such services of mental health support in any Ugandan hospitals or Clinics. We ASNU campaign against the use of landmines and Cluster munitions which is also very crucial With such an environment, the life of Amputees in Uganda is totally at risk thus it’s with such enthusiasm that Amputee self Help Network Uganda (ASNU) Ltd the first and ever Amputees Support Organization wishes to establish the first Amputees Ability Hub that will have a Rehabilitation Complex, Skilling Centre, Sports Facilities for Amputees.

Our Team

Our Team

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